Casino, Chip, Map, Game, Dice, AceThe Capbreton casino was at the heart of the town council. A report has been drawn up of this fact, showing that the casino has made efforts, but it can do better. However, elected officials recognized the institution’s resistance to the crisis. Indeed, until today the casino of Capbreton is still there. Currently, he is looking for novelties to boost the activities of the establishment.

The casino, a file raised during the city council

The board congratulated the director of the casino on his resistance to the crisis which has raged since 2009 and which has hit all French land-based casinos. However, this conclusion does not mean that the establishment is off the hook, far from it. There are efforts to be made according to those in charge and new avenues should be explored in order to get out of the current problem.

However, the casino also has another problem which, however, is difficult to resolve. It is his situation that is detrimental to him. Indeed, the casino of Capbreton has a beautiful terrace, but this beauty is not put forward for lack of sunshine. It must be said that the casino must find long-term solutions to be able to provide a boost. Today 30 employees work in the casino.

During this council, elected officials and general manager of the casino did not hesitate to make exchanges to bring the essential ideas to the casino.

The casino according to the report of the public service delegation

Spade, Risk, Chance, Luck, Poker, AceIn this report from the DSP (Public Service Delegation), we do not forget to report the difficulty linked to the current economic context of casinos. There has also been the knock-on effect of online gaming which is starting to invade the gaming market and only exacerbates the situation for land-based casinos. According to the figures, the Capbreton casino recorded a decrease of 6.65% compared to the previous year.

The mayor of Capbreton, Patrick Laclédère, further stressed that the casino continues to suffer, however, it is resisting the crisis quite well compared to neighboring casinos. On the side of the casino manager, the drop is 11% according to him in competing casinos, which shows that the establishment is doing a little better.

The mayor made it clear that new tracks are being explored. He also put forward the idea of ​​catering which is a good alternative to attract customers. He adds that animation is also an area that needs to be prioritized more and more. A member of the opposition, Pierre Cambon, deplores the under-exploitation of the Océane room. He underlines that this one has a considerable advantage that of a magnificent view.

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