Innovative Dentistry with a Comprehensive Approach

Nestled at the base of beautiful Pinnacle Peak Mountain, Dr. Sara Vizcarra, DDS, discovered her forever dental home. By March 2006, she became owner of the prestigious Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry, a 1,000-square-foot space that was going to push her past the boundaries of “mouth-focused dentistry.” Dr. Sara—as she is known to her patients and dental family—began pouring countless hours…

Perfect Assets and Abs

Jennifer Menzer
Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach
Owner of WellFit Concierge
5115 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Live a Life of Vitality Rather Than Survival

September is Pain Awareness Month– a great reminder to resolve those nagging aches and pains or lingering injuries that have interfered with the ability to enjoy an active, pain-free life. The team of highly-seasoned specialists at Barrow Brain and Spine’s Rehabilitation Institute of Scottsdale and NeuroSpine and Rehabilitation Center of Phoenix are helping patients achieve remarkable results. In fact, with…

Bunches of Oats

Love oatmeal? Try these variations made with milk and old-fashioned oatmeal. Together, milk and oats make a breakfast powerhouse by delivering protein and other key nutrients like fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamin D.

Food for Thought

For as long as she can remember, Sue Ciccolini has had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. “I started out as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, and upon relocating to Scottsdale I worked in retail management before starting my family,” Ciccolini says. About 14 years ago, she began searching for a business that would allow her to work from home…