The holiday season is upon us, and the stress of the season can get to even the most organized individuals. Unwinding after a long day with a self-care routine is key to keeping a healthy glow.

Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics is one of the leading practices specializing in wellness and healthy aging. Rejuvena bridges the traditional tenets of naturopathic medicine with modern advances in aesthetic medicine to provide patients with a comprehensive plan to begin their rejuvenation and take responsibility for their health.  

While a visit to Rejuvena will leave you with lasting results, it is fun and relaxing to bring the magic of Rejuvena home with beneficial holiday-inspired face masks that are easy to recreate yourself. 

Kimberly Baden, Laser Technician & Aesthetician, shares three festive finds that are fragrant and packed with nutrients.

Hydrating Holiday Raw Honey Mask

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 pinch of freshly grated organic nutmeg

1-2 drops of organic vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of powdered organic milk or 1 teaspoon of organic cream

1-2 drops of calendula oil

Combine all ingredients; let mixture sit for 10 minutes before applying

Apply mask to entire face, neck and chest (avoiding eye area) on damp clean skin for 5 minutes and then remove with warm washcloth.

Christmas Spice Body Scrub

1/2 cup organic monk fruit sugar substitute

1/2 cup organic coconut or almond oil

15 drops organic grapefruit essential oil

1-2 pinches freshly grated organic nutmeg

Combine all ingredients and apply immediately. This recipe makes 1 application.

Cranberry Yogurt Merry and Brightening Mask

1/2 cup organic coconut or whole milk yogurt.

1 tablespoon fresh organic cranberry sauce

1/2 teaspoon raw honey

Combine ingredients and apply immediately to clean face, neck and chest for 10-15 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth.