See Lindsay’s Favorite Spots for Picturesque Family Photos

DC Ranch Marketplace: If you are going for a more upscale and rustic feel for your photos, then North Scottsdale’s DC Ranch Marketplace is just the right spot. Several buildings with different colors and textures along with barn doors and bridges mean you can walk the pathways to find numerous photography locations.

Desert Backdrop: Our beautiful Sonoran Desert provides you the ideal picturesque Arizona backdrop. Cacti, mountains and our amazing sunsets paired with a well-dressed family will make for a gorgeous photo.

Palo Verde Trees: Every spring our state tree, the Palo Verde, blooms and then drops its beautiful yellow flowers. If you look around, you can find pathways and sidewalks covered in this sea of gold and yellow, creating Arizona’s very own “Yellow Brick Road.”

Scorpion Gulch: If a traditional “Old West” feel is what you’re going for, then head toward South Mountain and you will find Scorpion Gulch. Characterized by old stone buildings and open desert, this will provide you with beautiful and unique backdrops for your family portraits.

Silhouette: Our gorgeous Arizona sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for creating a unique silhouette shot. A few important tips to create this look: 1. Find a non-distracting background so you can isolate your subject. 2. Expose for the sky. 3. Shoot from low to high.

Green/Grass: If you are looking for a more “springy” feel to your photo, you may want to consider finding a large grass field and/or heading to a golf course. An added bonus if you can get Camelback Mountain shining in the background.

“While I mostly work with children and families for my personal business, I have loved the unique experience of working as the photographer for North Scottsdale Lifestyle magazine. It gets me out of my comfort zone, has introduced me to amazing people and businesses, and challenges me with new opportunities that allow me to grow and learn as a photographer.”

Jenks family photos by Diana Irving