Scottsdale is a community known for caring deeply for its four-legged friends. Whether it be innovative ways to enhance a pet’s health or getting involved in organizations that help animals find a much-deserved forever home, there are various ways to show love for furry friends this fall.

Pet Supplements

Dr. Josh Sosnow, D.V.M., has been in practice for 19 years and currently works at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital. With pet care evolving significantly, there is growth in veterinary understanding of a pet’s medical needs and how it relates to popular mainstream pet supplements. Dr. Sosnow seeks to help his patients determine if there is a medical need for a supplement.

“Inclusion of supplements into a therapeutic plan is useful when the evidence demonstrates that the supplement will provide an advantage over pharmaceutical agents or work in concert with a drug to improve disease management,” he says.

Dr. Sosnow speaks to some of the more popular supplements on the market right now and what they may do for your pet.

“Cannabidiol (CBD) is touted as a tool to manage a variety of conditions, but the published evidence for its benefit is currently limited to patients with osteoarthritis and seizures. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are one of the more common supplements and are fairly well-established. Patients with arthritis, allergic skin disease and kidney disease can truly benefit from its anti-inflammatory effects. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is newer, and literature supports its use for anti-inflammatory issues.”

Grown Pups for Grown-Ups Program 

Nancy Silver established the Two Pups Wellness Fund in 2017 through the Arizona Community Foundation in honor of her pups, Mr. P. and Miss Lacie. The organization raises funds to help rescue and shelter dogs in need of vital medical treatment. Recently, the organization launched Grown Pups for Grown-Ups, a program that focuses on the adoption of older shelter dogs.

Under this new program, Two Pups Wellness Fund provides everything from blood tests and treatment for medical issues to funding adoption efforts through marketing and events.

“People are sometimes hesitant to adopt an older dog because they’re afraid something may be medically wrong,” says Mary Martin, director of MCACC. “The reality is, these dogs can and do make great companions and still have a lot of life left in them.”

MCCAC will house the Grown Pups in newly refurbished rooms, making it easier for potential adopters to interact with these older dogs. Grown Pups for Grown-Ups aims to show people that adopting an older dog may suit someone’s lifestyle better than a puppy.

Puppies, Pilates & Prosecco

Founded in 2013 by Geri Hormel, Almost There Foster Care (ATFC) is a nonprofit specializing in the care of pregnant/nursing large-breed dogs and their puppies. ATFC helps give these dogs the time, space, care and socialization they need to help find their forever homes.

Puppies, Pilates & Prosecco (PPP) was dreamed up by ATFC Board Member Annie Verderame, who is also a local Pilates instructor. The event starts with a “free-roaming puppy” Pilates class then moves outdoors where attendees can hold puppies, browse vendors and raffle items, and drink mimosas with light snacks. The next 21-plus event is Nov. 29, with the previous spring session raising $18,000 for the care of mother dogs and their puppies.

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