…or where you hang your hat. We all know the sayings. Coming home is our greatest comfort and often the highlight of our days. The larger goal is to feel that sense of warmth and nostalgia within the community we call home. In North Scottsdale, there are numerous ways to focus on what makes this a unique and sought-after place to live. 

From our array of dining options to businesses that allow us to customize our own homes, there is often a personal touch and an innate sense of quality that comes with living in North Scottsdale. We are excited to feature one eatery that brings the traditions of their home across the ocean to our community and introduces us to enticing flavors in a relaxing environment.

North Scottsdale is steeped in its own history as well, with the growth of such interesting sites as Taliesin West. One visit will immerse you in the eclectic designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, and we are excited to provide the backstory to the breathtaking place he once called home. When it’s time to retreat to your own piece of North Scottsdale, be assured there are companies right here in your own backyard that are able to provide insights and luxurious touches to complement your vision for home styling.

We hope to play a role in why you love North Scottsdale as well as inspire you to keep calling it home sweet home for years to come.