A lifelong golfer, Scott Pinckney picked up the sport of golf at the age of 8 with his career taking off as a pro in Europe soon after graduation from Arizona State University. In 2012, Scott came home to the US and received conditional status on the PGA tour, taking second at state in 2013 and obtaining full web status with his PGA Tour card. He was on the PGA Tour in 2014-15 and 2015-16. 

As many pro athletes can attest to, there isn’t anything much worse than struggling with a debilitating pain that affects how they are playing.

“After being on tour, I suffered a back injury that involved problems with my L5 disc, preventing me from continuing for nearly a year,” he says.

With his back issues came countless meetings with doctors assessing his pain and what could be done to manage it, including stem cell injections. When Scott returned, he made it to the playoffs, which put him in a position to get his PGA Tour card back.

“I just missed it. I finished 8th, and top 5 were able to get their cards. My back was telling me I wasn’t ready. I knew this is where I belonged, but I needed to give myself time. My doctors thought it was time for a trainer to gain strength and put on weight.”

Scott found Advantage Training and in doing so was able to strengthen his back to increase his ability to play again.

“There are training programs that are offered to guide athletes to achieve higher performance in their sport, working directly with trainers who increase agility, strength and resiliency in individuals. I worked directly with my trainer, Spencer, who helped produce medical improvements through my movement patterns that have led to an increase in my performance over the past year,” Scott says.

Not only does Advantage Training provide services for athletes, but they also offer services to meet individuals’ goals for improving their overall well-being and health based on what makes each person unique, Scott adds.

Scott has set goals for 2019 that focus on getting his PGA Tour card back, along with his confidence to perform as a pro golfer.

“Everything I do was focused on my back before. I had a lot of stress on me mentally trying to get my game back to where it should be. My emotions and spirits were based on my back and how it felt day-to-day. It was a rollercoaster. Advantage has helped me because their knowledge is unsurpassed. I’m very knowledgeable in this space, and their knowledge has blown me away. Spencer is helping me get my body where it needs to be—we’re getting the pressure off my back and getting my body to move correctly to relieve my back. Spencer is very motivating—my goals are his goals. I’m ready to get out there and win again.”