With Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, it is important to remain aware of our financial budgets. Even with temptations around every turn, this season, take the challenge to give back to the community around you instead of simply spending your money.

Donating to charities is a good place to start. This can positively impact hundreds of families’ lives through a simple act of kindness.

“A top priority to focus on would be the opportunity to donate and give back to charities near you. When it comes to picking a charity, do your fair share of research to find organizations that put the majority of their profits into the cause they are established for. Two well-respected charities in Scottsdale include Arizona Helping Hands and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Arizona Helping Hands offers a variety of services and ways to provide for people in need. One program in particular focuses on providing basic fundamental needs for children such as cribs, clothing and diapers,” says Jacob Wright from the Mahoney Group.

Jacob has key insight into the importance of financial stability and what important measures are needed to achieve it. As an individual who works to protect his clients’ assets, Jacob explains umbrella insurance.

“Umbrella insurance is a term used to represent an insurance policy that goes above and beyond to protect your assets, including home and auto, from unforeseen events. We travel at holiday time to visit family, and accidents can occur. It’s important to feel protected. The good thing about umbrella insurance is that it is customizable for each individual, giving you the opportunity to focus on specific assets more than others if you choose. Without umbrella insurance, all of your assets, including your checking account and saving account, are left unprotected,” he says.

Due to the holiday season being a time of abundant spending, Jacob places an emphasis on charitable donations, as well as umbrella insurance.

“It is the best investment you can make when it comes to protecting your assets.”

Wright offers a simple piece of advice this time of year.

“Set obtainable goals now, and start working toward them, such as donating $25 dollars a week to a charity that really stands out to you, and making sure you are properly insured going into a new year.”