Audit Your Closet with Wurth Organizing 2

Fall fashion can appear to have a seamless transition from summer, as Arizona temperatures are still warm. However, it is essential to not only discover your individual fashion style but also to define your capsule wardrobe and closet system alike. A capsule wardrobe can best be described as the limited items you keep and wear regularly for any given season.

“When both components are in place, then you can transform both yourself and your space to decide what’s in, what’s hot and what’s not for you,” says Danielle Wurth, owner of Wurth Organizing.

Since 2007, Danielle and her crew of organizers and closet designing experts have been assisting clients with valley-renowned closet organization.

“I believe a client’s ultimate ‘wardrobe wish’ is granted when we can cleverly blend their fashion style with closet function and a finished organized look for their space and lifestyle,” she says. “We take great pride in assisting a client’s move from a state of daily frustration to complete freedom in finding what they need when they need it. We love hearing about our client’s pure joy when first dressing the morning after our organizing session, for it sets the right tone for them that day and beyond.”

Danielle says there is a current trend in clients seeing the value and importance of a well-organized closet. Between busy schedules and lack of energy to tackle the project thoroughly, Wurth Organizing is sought out to assist. A closet audit can be a wonderful first step. Wurth Organizing has a hands-on approach with organizing sessions and has a partnership with The Container Store if a complete redesign needs to occur. 

“We offer an array of services, and we’ll coordinate consignment, donation and even moving services between homes for a stress-free, well-organized process,” she says.

Closet Audit

Know when to keep, store or donate your items with this helpful checklist from Danielle Wurth.


  • Item fits, flatters and in fashion

  • Color that compliments your complexion

  • Is it a go-to favorite item you grab often?

  • Can be mixed and matched easily due to hue

  • Fits your current lifestyle


  • Accentuates your “assets” and reduces your “liabilities”

  • Consistently complimented when wearing it

  • It’s a fan favorite of yours worn each season

  • Wears well/travels well to coordinate

  • Fits your current lifestyle from leisure to work days

For Women:

  1. Small waisted/curvy hips: fitted tops and flared skirt or dress bottoms.

  2. Tall and lean in stature: ruffle styled tops and pleated bottoms round out figures further.

  3. Equal weight all over: wrap or squared style tops and loose-fitting from the hips down vs. tight and tapered.

For Men:

  1. Tall and lean in stature: pleated pant and short styles are out; flat front is in.

  2. Equal weight all over: avoid tops and bottoms that are too baggy in shape and too bulky overall.  

  3. Inspect collars, cuffs and button fronts for soil stains.

  4. Study and store pieces that can be mixed and matched easily between seasons. I always joke with my clients that Arizona has a 90-day winter, so invest in items that are light and can layer well vs. heavy pieces that are rarely worn.


  • Item has “been loved” a bit too much

  • No longer represents you as a person

  • You don’t feel fabulous wearing it

  • Would take more than a year to fit into

  • Represents bad memories

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