Sawyer Hauk believes, "You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having." —Frank Lloyd Wright

Meet Sawyer—she’s a kid with a vision. She hopes her passion for the arts will lead her to a future as an architect.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation hosts camps for children fascinated with architecture. Sawyer is enrolled in the “Design your Dreamspace” program where children immerse themselves in creating a dream home, giving them a rare glimpse into the world of design.

Sawyer’s passion for the arts doesn’t stop there. Her aspirations are sky-high, like her favorite building, the Hancock in Chicago.

1. “I love architecture and recently worked on a blueprint for a home where I added modern interior decor to match the outside appearance. Wright is one of my heroes because he built uniquely styled buildings. I also love Mary Colter. She used materials from her surroundings to make her structures look like part of the Grand Canyon, which fascinates me.”

2. I am an actress and have been in six productions at my theater. I love to have the challenge of dancing, singing and acting all in one. I love to entertain people because it makes me feel good that they get to enjoy theater as much as I do.”  

3. I am a potter and attend clay wheel classes every week. My teacher, Lucas, makes such wonderful pieces, and that inspires me. Sculpting and pottery is a great way to express my creativity.”

4. I play piano, and I love the sound piano music creates. It is fun to learn new songs with my teacher, Mary Lou. When I finish a song, it makes me feel I have accomplished something amazing in my life.”

5. I love art, but charcoal is my favorite medium because it makes pictures look vintage. Drawing will really help me with architecture. I will get a good eye for design.”