Swimming into Summer 24

Learning swim safety at Kim Courtney’s Swim School

Often times in Hollywood films, a person who is drowning is making quite a ruckus. They are flailing their arms, splashing and screaming for help. Sadly, this is not an accurate picture of what a typical drowning looks like. Therefore people do not know what to look for. Drowning is often referred to as “the silent killer,” and that’s because more often than not, the person drowning doesn’t have the breath in their lungs to yell for help, nor the energy to flail their arms. It can happen in seconds, especially for children. Having the necessary skills to survive in the water may be the difference between life and death. 

“Swimming lessons save lives,” says Kim Courtney, owner and founder of Kim Courtney Swim School.  

Kim has been teaching children and parents about water safety for 40 years. She, along with her family and staff, all share a passion to teach this skill that will last a lifetime. 

“Every child deserves a fighting chance,” Kim says. “Teaching children basic swim skills is the key to their survival! I firmly believe children attending swimming lessons develops a confidence within themselves to become much more efficient in the water.”

Kim Courtney’s Swim School has something for all ages and skill sets, from infancy and beginners to intermediate and even advanced swimmers. Swimming lessons are taken in groups, or private lessons are available as well. The group lessons are kept at a 4-to-1 ratio, which allows each child to get a fair amount of time with their teacher as well as watch and learn from their peers. Each child is placed in their own swim level based on ability and not necessarily age. The swim school is open from March through November. Classes are available mornings, afternoons and evenings Monday through Thursday. 

The Desert Foothills Swim Club is a recreational swim team open to all swimmers. It is a stepping stone to a more competitive environment that includes meets throughout the valley. The swim team experience provides valuable training as well as increases self-esteem and confidence with every swimmer. It also enables children to be more comfortable in the water regardless of their age and level of ability. The philosophy Kim and her staff have developed for the swim club states: “We swim as a team to be something bigger than ourselves. We believe in one another, and we encourage our teammates to achieve a level of success that can only be reached when we all work as one! We recognize that the effort of one can inspire an entire team and become a passion.”

Kim has developed her own curriculum for teaching children how to swim. She demands each child to have a respect for the water, and at the same time, they love to see each and every child take steps to learn swimming and water safety. Having personally experienced her swim school myself, and seeing my 2- and 3-year-old daughters swimming in the water, there is no where else I would recommend parents take their children to learn this life skill.  

For more information on Kim Courtney’s Swim School, including pricing for lesson packages, visit KimCourtneySwim.com or call 480.502.2234. And as Kim always says, “swim safe, and see you in the water!”