Pilot Uses His Hobby to Help Others 4

Jim Gerblick Proves the Sky’s the Limit when You Own an Aircraft

Me + My Prop Plane

2013 Piper Meridian M500 Turbo Prop Plane

Jim Gerblick

Late 50s

Ventura, California


“I don’t know why people buy nice jets and have boring paint jobs. At least make the plane look good.” Wise words from plane hobbyist Jim Gerblick.

A custom red, black and silver striped paint job with Garmin G1000 instrumentation and a PA46 Turbine engine is what makes Jim’s prop plane a sight to see. The interior is wrapped in a plush leather that makes it comfortable for passengers and a personal touch: a snack basket always full of treats to keep his occupants content for a long flight.

An entrepreneur from California, Jim and his wife decided on a second home in Arizona due to their love of the surroundings. He spends his free time helping Angel Flights, which donates plane rides for patients needing medical care far from home.

“We donated our first detail service to Jim’s plane at the airport where his hangar is,” Jeff Burrows, owner of JBS Executive Detailing, says. “It was a privilege after hearing about his charity work. We specialize in aircraft, so it was a perfect fit for everyone.”

Jim invested in the Meridian to accommodate more Angel Flights. He volunteers his time almost weekly to fly people to doctors’ visits while continuing to look for ways to fund other pilots who do the same.