Meet Six Local Women Influencing the Community

The Entrepreneur

Kathy Coover, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Isagenix International

Isagenix is a direct sales company, showcasing weight loss and nutritional cleansing products. Kathy Coover and her husband, Jim, partnered with formulator John Anderson to begin Isagenix, leading to Kathy being named The Most Influential Woman in Direct Selling three times. She prides herself on making both an economic and health and wellness impact on Arizona. Employees and associates are presented with numerous growth opportunities under Kathy’s leadership. Isagenix gives back to the community through Make-a-Wish Foundation, helping grant wishes to critically ill children.

“I’m proud to be part of a company that doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our products,” she says. “We offer phenomenal weight wellness, energy, performance and healthy aging solutions while also providing a terrific business opportunity.”

The Bloggers

Angela Barako and Jessica Becker, Co-Owners of Scottsdale Moms Blog

A finance and teaching background coupled with a passion for motherhood and community led Angela Barako and Jessica Becker to become partners on a popular blog that caters to local moms. The blog focuses on surviving the moments of motherhood from an honest, firsthand perspective. When being a mom feels isolating, these women hope to act as a support network. From hosting a Mom’s Night Out to providing information on local family hot spots to just being women who a mother can relate to, this blog aims to achieve camaraderie.

“Owning this blog provided the perfect work-life balance, and we really feel we are making an impact,” they say. “We provide an online and in-person community which is perfect for moms who need that outlet.”

The Director

Laurie Cullity, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Desert Stages Theater

A Rutgers University dancer and community theater buff had a dream to bring theater to Arizona. Desert Stages Theater, the brainchild of Gerry and Laurie Cullity, began in a converted dental office and is now a gorgeous theater in Fashion Square Mall. Laurie is a testament to what theater should be. She prides herself on creating a legacy for her late husband and wants each actor that steps on her stages to feel confident and happy. Her involvement does not stop on stage; she is active in local charities such as HOPE Kids and Audrey Johnson Foundation for at-risk youth.

“My goal is to bring joy to actors and produce quality shows that are also affordable because I want everyone to experience live theater,” she says.

The Designer

Ashlyn Pohl, Owner of Ashlyn Interior Designs

When you work with Ashlyn Pohl, you are not only embracing her eclectic eye for design, you are building a friendship. Ashlyn’s goal is to take a space and reflect the client’s personality while staying ahead of the trends, making for a timeless look. She has a unique style and mixes textures, tones and materials to keep the eye interested. Ashlyn’s passion for green technology and a natural ability to put clients at ease has helped her build long-lasting relationships. She works on custom homes as well as large-scale commercial projects with a goal of creating a retreat from everyday life.

“It’s about loving what I do and understanding the trust someone has in me to make their space a dream come true,” she says.

The Innovator

Kandace Stolz, Owner of Premier Regenerative

Kandace Stolz grew up in a medically minded family but didn’t see herself in that role. Now she dedicates her life to helping people live with less pain. Premier is a team of board-certified regenerative/pain specialists who use stem cells to battle acute pain or illnesses. Kandace had success with therapy herself and wanted others to achieve similar results. Premiere works with the NFL and NHL and is a leading research facility on stem cell treatments. From walking patients through the process to being available to them 24/7, that often lacking personal approach can be found at Premiere.


“I understand pain and am learning how to make the body stronger,” Kandace says. “I want to be the first step in helping others relieve pain before considering surgery.”