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Meet North Scottsdale Lifestyle’s Photographer

And then he said the four scariest words, “Yeah, but what if?”

These were the words that propelled me into becoming a professional photographer. Sounds crazy, right? I didn’t know the adventure and the journey I was about to embark on at the time, but my husband’s words vocalized the fear I had been keeping inside. He meant it in a “What if you succeed?” type of way; I meant it as a “What if I fail?” type of way.

Photography for me started as a high school hobby, and at some point along the way it turned into a deep passion. As the yearbook editor for my high school, I was fortunate to learn the intricacies of photography and design. I loved being able to capture life’s moments, whether it was with friends or school events. It was something I loved being a part of, and the creativity of photography came very naturally for me.  I remember setting up “photo shoots” with my friends and siblings, just for the simple fact that it was fun to me.

I went to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business, but I never thought I would become a small-business owner. I always thought I would work for someone else and use my administrative gifts in the corporate world. Photography was always something that I knew I had an eye for, but I kept pushing that passion away because I was too afraid of failure.

In 2016, three years after moving to Arizona, my husband, Austin, encouraged me with those four words, which launched me into starting my own photography business, Aly Kirk Photo. It was intimidating at the time because I had no clients, no portfolio, no hands-on experience and a professional camera I barely knew how to use. But, when I decided to put my mind to it and give it everything I had to make it successful, I saw results.

I started building a portfolio, building a social media presence, connecting with and learning from other local photographers, creating a website and a brand, and gaining clientele little by little. Over the past couple of years, I have honed in on creating a brand I am proud of, which now focuses primarily on wedding and family photography. Add in the Arizona desert and a Dr. Pepper, and I’m happy!

My story is not one of a quick race to the finish line, but rather a steady progression of hard work, dedication, persistence and the pursuit of doing what I love!

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