Sonora West Development Hits It Out of the Park with this Baseball Lover’s Dream Space

Building a custom home that reflects a homeowner’s sense of style, and incorporates special aspects of their lives is key when Sonora West Development owner Scott Pfeiffer envisions each project.

“We definitely like to get creative with our clients and make a custom home their residence,” he says. “We feel it is crucial to represent our client’s personality inside the home.”

Over the past 15 years, Sonora West has built more than 150 luxury custom homes in premier communities throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale. Pfeiffer and his team have earned the trust of their customers along the way, which translates to confidence in their ability to perfect a homeowner’s vision. The goal is to make the journey as exciting as the finished product.

Children’s rooms are perhaps the most creative space in a home, as many parents delight in creating a place where their children can dream big and express themselves. Athletics are an important piece of this home, as the owner is a professional baseball player. When it came to his son’s room, it was a component he wanted to honor. He hoped for a unique take on his love for the game without overshadowing the importance of a clean and modern appearance.

“We thought the bases were a perfect touch, as it was reminiscent of this player hitting for the cycle (an accomplishment of one batter hitting a single, a double, a triple and a home run in the same game),” Pfeiffer says. “The wood on the wall is from the barn at the family ranch he grew up on, so again, incorporating nostalgic touches with a modern design.”

Pfeiffer adds that his team traveled to South Dakota and physically picked up the wood from the homeowner’s family farm. It is this attentive and hands-on approach that sets Sonora West apart. They understand the investment of a custom home, and they take the responsibility of building and 
designing it to heart.