Buffalo Furniture is as Unique as its Humble Beginnings

What started on a ranch 25 years ago has turned into a thriving furniture business as distinctive as its backstory.

Buffalo Collection is a custom home furnishings boutique in Scottsdale that is immediately notable upon entering. The pieces are lush and rich in color. Each piece exudes quality craftsmanship,  and that’s not so surprising.

As owner Michael Levenberg explains, “Bison hides are inherently stronger than cattle hides, with a high percentage of collagen, so they are incredibly supple and soft.”

It was a passion for providing upscale furniture that led Michael and his wife, Laura, to open Buffalo Collection seven years ago, and they guarantee furniture that will maintain its beauty.

“The story of our hides starts with a botanist who bought a ranch to restore the land. She purchased bison to do so, and when she thinned her herd, the hides would often be disposed of,” Michael says. “A local furniture builder asked to use the hides, and soon others did as well, including us. We launched our business here in Scottsdale, where we feel the clientele appreciate the value of our furniture.”

The Levenbergs recognized a trend when it came to customers wanting noncommercial furniture pieces. The hides at Buffalo Collection are drum dyed with no topical coloration. They will not crack or peel, and no waxes or chemicals are used. All whole-grain hides have some imperfections which Michael says adds to their character and these shouldn’t be artificially removed. In their frequent U.S. travels, they partner with and befriend artists and businesses who use renewable hardwoods, all-natural materials and stains. 

“We can tell customers the entire backstory of everyone working on their pieces,” he says. “They love to hear how we began as well. This makes it interesting to them and makes it special for us. After all, we don’t sell, we design.”

The Levenbergs love that they have built this furniture legacy in Scottsdale. A shared interest in the origins of this thriving business between them and their customers is the intangible perk they have come to appreciate.