Dine Around the World in Scottsdale

Larry and Emily Foppe (rhymes with floppy) are often found dashing around their restaurant, Bodega 13. They serve authentic dishes from every continent, largely inspired by Larry’s travels. Great food and conversation, family and ambiance are important to the couple.

“We think people are tired of bar food and noisy restaurants. You can come in here and have a Peruvian ceviche with a Russian pelmeni and have great conversations,” Larry says. “Every few months we take a few things off and add a few new things.”

He teases he named his daughters Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian. Thanks to his dining experience with his girls, he made it a point to provide a variety of options for everyone.

“Going out to eat with them was a nightmare,” he says.

The restaurant is beautifully furnished and newly remodeled. It first opened in Carefree in 2015 but moved to a larger location in North Scottsdale last year.

Their signature dessert is the Tahitian pearl, a treat they discovered while honeymooning in Bora Bora nearly two years ago.

“Think of a pearl in a shell. The pearl is a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It’s encased in chocolate with fresh berries around the bottom.  Tableside, we pour hot caramel over the top of the shell,” Emily says. The presentation itself makes it worth ordering!”

“Spoon fighting is allowed,” Larry adds.

Another reminder of their honeymoon is the wall at the back of the wine room that faces the main dining area. It’s a replica of one they saw in Queenstown, New Zealand, with a fireplace and a mirrored alcove framed in a stone wall.

Larry isn’t a stranger to the business, having owned four other local restaurants. He’s a civil engineer by trade but has started 17 businesses ranging from a civil engineering firm to a drilling company. Emily published her first book last year.

“I’ve sold all my businesses but two to my employees. That’s always my exit strategy,” Larry says.

Today he only has two: Bodega 13 and Sticks Cigar Lounge in Carefree.

“I enjoy travel, good food and good wine,” he says. “And, like many people, I paid my way through college working in restaurants, so it was always in me.”

Larry looks at every plate before it’s served. He wants it to be perfect. Emily enjoys visiting guests and makes sure everyone leaves happy. Her Southern charm coupled with Larry’s business sense is a winning combination.

View the restaurant’s menu at Scottsdale.Bodega13.com.