Q&A with Josh Hayes of Dutch Bros. about The Kicker

How would you describe the flavor? 

It’s a creamy, not too sweet breve spun with Irish cream—just the way we like it! We know you will too!

How would you describe the aroma? 

Coffee with a hint of Irish cream and, of course, love!

What does the drink taste best with? 

This drink is paired best with our blueberry cream cheese muffin sold locally at all of our locations in the Valley.

What’s something else everyone should know about the Kicker?

This drink can be enjoyed both hot or iced. It is equally delicious both ways! 

You won’t want just one Kicker—it’s our best-seller for a reason! Whether you’re just waking up or looking for that after-lunch wake up, this drink will have you coming back for more!