Jessica Hathcock of Ahava Design

I am a “SOUL-preneur” who strives to inspire others. My creations not only express but reflect my life, heartbeat and soul. I find tremendous joy in converting art into handcrafted jewelry that echoes a message of hope and encouragement. I draw inspiration from my faith, loving husband, seven kids, family and friends and the lives of others, and I try to embrace all with an Ahava love.

From a young age, my passion for anything creative has set me alive. After getting my art degree and working in the workplace as a graphic designer, my desire to become a stay-at-home mom came to fruition. With that came an ongoing balancing act of structuring my day to be healthy in all areas. Some days are successful; other days are chalked up with grace. In this process, I’ve learned that I can’t be who I am to the people around me unless I take care of myself. One of those ways is allowing time to relish in the wonder of art and expression, and, in turn, gifting it.

My jewelry business began in that manner. I was in my zone, thinking of what I could make for my sisters for Christmas and I asked them, “If you could describe our relationship in one to three words, what would you say?” Their answer was “understood.” That was the first cuff of thousands that I have made. At the time, I didn’t have any idea that this would soon become a bridge of hope and inspiration, but I loved the idea that I was able to create something that was fashionable, customizable and with meaning.

Each piece of art is all done by hand with intention, from cutting, painting and distressing the leather to stamping each word one letter at a time. My goal is to tailor a piece of art that speaks to you and is one of a kind—something that could bring hope, love and encouragement and that will allow you to share your journey/story with others.

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