Arizona Barn Doors 3

For 20 years, Chandler resident Kevin Davis worked in commercial glass. One day, while working on a bathroom project, a client asked Davis to build her a “barn door.” Not knowing what creating a barn door entailed, he told the client that he would look into it. Intrigued, Davis went home to work up barn door sketches. He presented these sketches to the client and she loved them. Davis went on to fashion his first barn door for her, which turned out to be a success.

Soon after creating his first barn door, a friend got wind of what Davis had constructed and challenged Davis with a trickier project. The new door designer worked through different ideas in the back yard of his home and came up with a design that satisfied the client’s needs. Davis was quickly developing a knack for this barn door making gig.

Off and Running
At the suggestion of his pleased clients, Davis started Arizona Barn Doors. The company brings a new style to the Chandler area. Davis states,

“Our doors are unique because of the experience as a whole. We offer a custom door that is built to specific standards. We do rustic doors. We do more modern doors. We do bathroom doors with a full length mirror on the inside. We do wood walls and are starting to do furniture, too. Basically we do what our customers want.”

Whether the barn doors are used to hide storage, close off an entryway, or create a cozy environment, the sliding addition adds character to a home. And the aesthetic appeal of these doors is found not just in the panel of the door. Davis elaborates,

“Another unique thing about Arizona Barn Doors is our hardware. It’s always exposed. In other words they are wide open at the top and in full view. We use steel casters on every door and that look is very industrial/operational. Our customers love it.”

It’s a Family Affair
Davis is not in this venture alone. He brought the whole crew along. His dad, a Vietnam veteran, runs the shop while his mom, a breast cancer survivor, handles the sanding and stain department. Davis takes care of the sales and his son helps out wherever he can. Together they work as a team to bring customers a great product.

“Working with family is a challenge sometimes. I won’t lie,” Davis adds with a laugh.

“We have our good times and our bad. But between all of us we can figure out anything.  We have to rely on each other and that was something that we had to learn. Now everyone has their responsibilities that contribute to the success of the company.”

Arizona Barn Doors is currently taking new orders. To learn more about the company and view photos of the barn doors, visit or their Facebook page. You can also call 480.430.1236 to speak with Kevin Davis about your project ideas.