Plain Jane to Glittery Dame 4

Ruby Farias Creates Embellished, Hand-Painted Clothing and Accessories

Scottsdale artist and designer Ruby Farias can take anyone’s little black dress and pair of high heeled shoes and paint them with an elegant gold trim to refashion a modest outfit into a chic, one-of-a-kind ensemble. She can breathe life into a plain pair of sneakers with the fabric paint she creates herself, or transform a wall flower into a sassy diva who stands out in the crowd with her unique embellished gowns.

Farias’s designs attract attention from all over with their exceptional style and flair. Even something simple like her black, high heeled ankle boots— hand-painted with red fringe along the top and delicate swirls along the toe— are a statement piece.

“Once you wear one of my designs and see the attention that you get, it builds you up, makes you feel good and builds confidence,” she says.

Farias works with clients individually to create the perfect item for them, and even though she creates high fashion pieces, you don’t have to be a fashionista to wear her designs. She bedazzles and bedecks jeans, jackets, suits, purses and shoes for every day occasions too.

A Creative Road

“I understand who the person is before I begin,” says Farias. “I create just for you.”

Her clients may come to her with a color scheme in mind or an event they want to dress for, but she prefers to sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to design.

“Clients will go through my portfolio to give themselves ideas, and for me to get a better understanding of their likes. Then I will move on the vibe I get from the client to create something new for them,” says Farias.

Her clients typically meet with Farias in her home. Some bring their own garment or accessory for her to work with, while others want assistance.

“I have my own little space where I work and can fit someone into something I have. I’ve done shopping for clients and have gone shopping with clients if they want something specific,” says Farias.

A Mother’s Gift

Farias is from a large family and is no stranger to hand-me-downs, but as a child remembers watching her mother make special dresses just for her. As she got older, she started following in her mother’s footsteps. When she was in seventh grade, she designed her first pair of bell-bottoms. They were complete with a hand-embroidered smiley face at the bottom of the pant leg, foretelling her work today.

Farias modeled and was very much interested in the fashion industry when she was in her late teens and early twenties, but eventually traded the starving artist lifestyle for a more dependable career in the banking industry. She was in that industry for 28 years before having her artistic breakthrough.

When the economy took a dive in 2001, there was an acquisition of banks and everyone, including Farias, lost their jobs and had to re-apply.

“My daughter was two-and-a-half. I was very much a career woman,” says Farias. “With my daughter at home, I was trying to figure out something fun to do. I went to the store and bought some paints, brushes and canvas – ‘Mommy’s going to teach you how to paint,’ I said. Painting again reignited my passion and made me feel alive. It was at that time I wondered how I could have ever put that brush down.”

Farias left her corporate job to stay home with her daughter and follow her passion. By 2014 she was painting on clothing, merging her two favorite things: fashion and art.

Today, she has a deep love for giving back and donates her work to a variety of fundraising events. She also enjoys sharing art with children by donating paints, brushes and canvases to worthy programs.

“I don’t consider it work,” says Farias. It’s a way of life; her passion come to fruition.

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Painted sneakers and three dimensional fashion are popular on the runway now. 
Here are some tips 
to jazz up your wardrobe:

  1. The internet is full of fabulous ideas. Search for inspiration.
  2. Plan your design on paper first.
  3. Use an acrylic pencil or permanent marker to trace out your plan on the item before applying paint, gems, shells or other embellishments.
  4. Make sure the paint or glue is compatible with the material or fabric being used.
  5. Hand-stitch trimmings like flowers if you are hard on clothing.
  6. Take climate into consideration. Hot glue guns work great for securing flourishes, but be cognizant when in the Arizona heat.
  7. Fabric paint adheres best to canvas shoes and works well on suede.
  8. Have a variety of brushes and use the proper tools: fine line brushes for fine lines and large brushes for wide lines.