Wrapped and Ready to Go 2

Cortez Visual offers the highest-quality custom car wraps in town

When Steve Cortez began Cortez Visual in 1997, it was a simple graphic design firm that he operated from his home, which specialized in designing company logos, business cards and brochures.

“I had done a few vehicle wraps, but back then it was completely different,” Steve explains. “I used to have to go and physically draw a vehicle and then manually draw the wrap design right over it.”

But times have changed, and like most things, computers and technology have helped make designing Cortez Visual’s custom car wraps a bit easier. Experience has helped a bit as well, and nearly 20 years later, Steve and his staff have no shortage of that, having designed and applied over 8,000 wraps for a wide-variety of clients.

“If you have teams that are in service or sales vehicles, and they are going out every day and putting on 30, 40, or in some cases, even 50,000 miles on that vehicle in a year; that’s a lot of exposure that those vehicles are getting,” says Steve. “If you don’t have anything on there for all of those people who come across those vehicles on the road to look at, that’s just missing a huge opportunity.”

Not only does a well-designed and executed wrap look great, studies have also shown that vehicle wraps are among the most cost-effective methods to market a business, offering over 1,000 times the exposure of a traditional billboard ad for a fraction of the cost. And the results can be immediate. Steve has had numerous clients bring in a vehicle or two from their fleet for an initial wrap, only to see them pay for themselves in as fast as two weeks. The rest of the company’s cars tend to show up to get wrapped shortly thereafter.

While most companies come to Cortez Visual wanting a vehicle wrap, many times they are so pleased with the result that they move in from the parking lot and ask the team to wrap other surfaces such as break rooms, conference rooms, walls, or even custom barricades. While the sky is the limit for what Steve and his team can wrap, it has always been cars, trucks and vans that have been at the core of his business.

“There are vehicle wrap companies that have come and gone, but we plan on being in business each and every time you are ready to update your wrap,” explains Steve, which is why his company insists on using the highest-quality materials available for their clients, and are able to offer the longest warranty of any wrap in the state.

“The materials we use are all 3M, and the ink that we use is deemed by them to be the best on the market. It costs us a little bit more on the front end, but again, we plan on being around for a long time so I am adamant that we will always offer nothing but the best product.”

One of the main questions that Steve is asked by someone considering a wrap for their vehicle is whether or not it may damage the vehicle’s exterior paint. Quite the opposite, says Steve, as the wrap actually acts as a protectant of the finish. He has pulled off a wrap after four years and on the outside the paint looks just like it did when it rolled off the lot, though after all those miles the interior might be a different story.

Cortez Visual is located at 219 S Williams Dillard Drive in Gilbert. For more information, please visit CortezVisual.com.