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Haley and Spencer of 76th Street Rock 
Arizona with Their Soulful Sounds

Like so many influential groups before them, it seemed as if fate had played a part in bringing the musical duo of Haley Gold and Spencer Bryant together. Growing up on either side of 76th Street in North Scottsdale (hence the name of the band), the girls first met in 5th grade; and upon discovering their mutual love of music, became fast friends.

“We started out doing musicals together, that’s really where music came into play, and we’ve just been singing ever since,” says Spencer. “We even started writing little songs in elementary school that eventually turned into more professional songs.”

Fast-forward almost 10 years later, and Haley and Spencer, now Juniors at ASU, are still at it—creating harmonious sounds, writing soulful songs and constantly working at perfecting their art.

“We’re inspired to write from our instruments. Without my piano or Spencer’s guitar, we couldn’t write,” says Haley. “That’s just how we work together and continue to build off each other.”

Although generally described as indie/pop/rock, 76th Street’s distinctive sound is really best explained in the music itself. Deep, bold strokes of Haley’s piano and strikingly sharp chords from Spencer’s guitar bring forth a melody at once soulful and uplifting. Coupled with their lyrics celebrating strength, independence and self-discovery, the duo put on a truly spellbinding performance. And it was just that quality that caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning producer Rob Vallier.

“He just came up to us after one of our shows and said we had a great sound and that he’d love to work with us,” says Haley. “So we went straight to the studio and started to record.”

With collaboration from “Foo Fighters” keyboardist Rami Jaffee, 76th Street’s first single, ‘You & I,’ was born, achieving immediate recognition.

“When we wrote ‘You & I’ we knew it was the song to record as a single because we really pulled it out of that place of strength, independence and figuring out your self-worth,” says Haley.

Along with producing a single, Haley and Spencer have also seemed to adapt well to life on the road, kicking-off their first tour with performances in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada during the summer of 2014.

“I remember playing in Boulder, Colorado at this coffee shop, but it was staged as a music venue so that all the chairs were turned towards you,” says Spencer. “It was the most intimate show we had ever done. The audience was listening to our every word and we could talk to them, tell them stories and just really connect with them in an incredible way.”

For Haley and Spencer, that deep connection with the audience and storyteller feel they try to weave throughout all of 76th Street’s performances is really what makes it all worth it to them; and the result is absolutely mesmerizing.

The duo also seem to be in perfect harmony when it comes to more serious things too, like their personal goals and aspirations, as well as those for 76th Street, and the amount of time they are willing to commit to rehearsing.

“We’ve always been dreamers, and we’ve always had high expectations for ourselves. That’s how we’ve managed to get as far as we’ve have,” says Haley.

“And when you’re committed to doing something every day, you realize that it’s more than just a hobby; it’s a career you want to do for the rest of your life,” adds Spencer.

With the duo planning to spend the summer writing, working on an acoustic album, and their second single, the world can definitely expect to hear more from 76th Street.

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