Summer Memories 9

Escape to the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Nestled into the foothills of Pinnacle Peak is a sprawling resort seamlessly integrated with the Sonoran Desert’s breathtaking beauty and naturally calming ambience. The Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North is a place where families, friends and couples can reconnect with the desert and each other, creating beautiful summer memories that will last a lifetime.

The resort could stand as its own whimsical little town that recalls the elegance and simplicity of Arizona’s rustic desert lifestyle in a completely immersive experience. Meander down curved pathways winding through the resort grounds and time seems to slip away amidst the troves of stately saguaro, vivid green cacti and bright, blooming flora popping up from the dusty brown soil.

“We wanted to be in harmony with our surroundings, so a lot of the landscaping is original. As it matures, it only gets more beautiful because it blends in with the resort,” says Director of Public Relations, Kim Cole.

Rounding out the serene desert atmosphere are rows of quaint pueblo-style buildings accented with wooden fixtures. These casitas all come with a gas-burning fire place, a luxurious soaking tub and a private patio or balcony, perfect for enjoying a leisurely breakfast or sipping on a cocktail while watching one of Arizona’s brilliant sunsets.

“You can see how everything just blends in with the landscape. It’s meant to feel calming and relaxing because the idea is that the service here paves the way for you to have those moments together without any worries,” says Cole.

While it might be tempting to stay in the resort’s well-appointed rooms, these cherished summer experiences really begin outdoors. Start your day with an early morning hike along one of Pinnacle Peak Park’s many nature trails, viewing breathtaking desert flora and fauna as the sun rises overhead. Then head back to the resort for the renowned breakfast buffet at Proof restaurant, as you are sure to have worked up an appetite.

For a little bit of indulgence, head to the luxurious spa where a group of skilled estheticians deliver the best of relaxation and pampering with bespoke treatments.

If looking to spend some time with the kids, head to the family pool where fun, games and laughter are sure to abound; or for a bit more privacy, bask in the shimmering blue waters of the adult-only pool.

On Thursday nights, get in touch with the brilliance of the Sonoran Desert during star-gazing forays that will allow you to truly appreciate the sheer vastness of the sky above and peaceful quiet of the land. All experiences will foster unforgettable memories for years to come.

A Culinary Establishment

The same care and attention that goes into creating each one of the resort’s signature experiences also goes into maintaining its thriving culinary scene. Overseen by Executive Chef Mel Mecinas, the resort’s two main dining establishments—Proof, a classic American eatery, which serves up food and beverage inspired by the 50 states and Talavera, a modern take on the classic steakhouse with wonderfully-curated seafood and steak pairings—make for a dining experience unlike any other. There’s also Onyx Bar & Lounge, where one can sip on a margarita and enjoy some of the best views in the west.

Since coming to the resort ten years ago, Chef Mecinas has refreshed and revitalized its dining scene with his always innovative dishes and dedication to using locally-sourced ingredients.

Chef Mecinas truly takes his cooking back to the land, establishing life-long friendships with local farmers. He even takes trips with his culinary team to some of his favorite spots, including Maya’s Farm at South Mountain, Queen Creek Olive Mill and Sunizona Farms, so they can gain a better appreciation for the growing process.

“After a big rain storm a few years ago, I took my team up to Maya’s Farm where the weeds were outnumbering her plants, and we just helped her clean weeds for hours,” says Mecinas. “I really wanted my team to see the work that goes into planting a vegetable.”

Although Mecinas’ use of fresh, local ingredients and ever-changing rotation of creative dishes have earned him numerous awards and accolades, he largely credits his success to his deep passion for cooking.

“I always say that no one else will inspire or motivate you but yourself. I come to work everyday because it’s my passion, because of all the people I work with and the feeling I get when I go to the farmers’ market or get a fresh cut of meat and my mind just starts creating,” says Mecinas.

Whether spending time with the family by the pool, savoring the resort’s sumptuous cuisine or just admiring the breathtaking desert views, a stay at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North is sure to foster unforgettable summer memories.

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