Celebrate Spring!

Spring is the quintessential time for growth and new beginnings, as the newfound warm weather and abundance of sunshine seems to spark a feeling of change, joy and excitement in all. And nothing better represents this time of year than a beautiful blooming garden.

When I was a little girl growing up in Connecticut I always looked forward to the coming of spring, as that meant it was time to head to the gardening supply store and buy all that we needed to plant our vegetable garden— a sunken little plot of land in our backyard that would soon yield a bounty of ripe red tomatoes, purple eggplant, bright yellow and green peppers and fragrant basil during the summer months.

I remember digging into the moist plot with my spade in hand and mother by my side as I tenderly placed the seeds in the earth and covered them with a thick layer of soil. It was certainly a picturesque scene with fresh dew covering the lush green grass, Easter lilies popping their heads out of the ground and birds chirping overhead.

When I moved to Arizona some years later, I thought all those dream-like days spent gardening were gone forever. Little did I know that Arizona offered just as much blooming beauty as my childhood home—I just needed to be a little more creative in finding it. My first experience of spring in the desert came early one morning when I walked outside and found a single white flower budding out of a cactus. In the weeks following, I watched in wonder as all the cacti and dry bushes in my backyard came alive again with a colorful array of unique flowers, making my heart flutter with joyous nostalgia every time I saw a new bloom.

In this month’s “Spring and Gardening” issue we celebrate Arizona’s diverse beauty, from local farmers looking to nourish the community with healthy, fresh fare; to tips on how to grow and preserve herbs in the desert; to a wonderful restaurant serving-up garden fresh delights. We hope you enjoy this most joyous time of year!

Until Next Month,