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Verve Studio Offers an 
Acting Experience Unlike 
Any Other in the Valley

Parents are constantly looking for creative and artistic outlets for their children. From painting and drawing to theater, dance and music, the hope is always to ignite a passion and discover an outlet that will help pave a path toward a lifetime of continued learning, discovery and satisfaction.

As an actor moving to Arizona from Los Angeles eleven years ago, Amanda Melby never wavered from the want to continue pursuing her passion, but found few options in the Valley that would allow her to push herself forward in her ongoing development as an actor.

“I wanted a place to continue my scene studies like I was doing in LA, and though I found a bunch of beginning and intermediate classes here, quite honestly, I was more qualified than the instructors, so I decided to start my own studio,” says Melby.

Within the year, she opened Verve Studio, which she shaped into a place that both helps hone the skills of high-level working actors and introduces newcomers to the craft in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Though Verve Studio offers a wide array of age-appropriate classes for kids, tweens and teens, and has always been the marquee place in the Valley for working actors to continually push themselves, they have also crafted a niche for adults who have always wanted to pursue acting but never allowed themselves the time.

“In the past, they felt discouraged that perhaps the time had passed, or they just could not do it,” says Melby. “But now they feel that they are at a point in their life where they are ready and want to finally pursue acting.”

The training at Verve Studio focuses on both the craft and the business side of acting, seeking to create a flexible and diverse actor. They start with a series of foundational classes that introduce the cornerstones of technique on which to build upon, followed by complementary classes designed to round-off one’s skill set and prepare the actor to be successful in many different mediums—from film, television, theater, commercials, and more.

While many arrive at the studio with lofty acting goals, others show up simply wanting a few pointers on presenting in front of audiences, or even just some help on how to be a bit more outgoing in a crowd.

“You have to take chances and you have to take risks,” explains Melby. “A lot of people come here who are very shy and are looking for some help to work through that. We do tons of improvisation, memorization, thinking on your feet, and even focus on connecting your mind to your body. There are a lot of skills taught through acting that have benefits in many different aspects of life.”

For more information on the studio, including a complete listing and description of all of the classes offered, please visit or call 480.659.8957.