Dance in Bloom 12

Plumb Performing Arts Center
Stays On Pointe When It 
Comes to Nurturing Dancers

Humble Beginnings

Surprisingly, the idea for Scottsdale-based Plumb Performing Arts Center was conceived in a small town in Iowa right near the Nebraska border. This is the hometown of the studio’s founder, Lisa Plumb, and the place where she first fell in love with dance.

“At the time there was no dance teacher in my town, so my father had to drive me across the river into Omaha for dance twice a week,” says Lisa. “That’s all I could take, twice a week, but I loved it so much.”

After teaching dance for a number of years in both Iowa and Nebraska, Lisa thought it was time for a change and headed west to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she opened Plumb Performing Arts Center as a neighborhood dance studio. However, big changes came for the studio when Lisa’s daughter, Jordan, started showing a serious interest in dance. Before long, they added a pre-professional training program and dedicated themselves to nurturing and helping their students grow as both dancers and individuals.

Building a Solid Base

Always committed to providing their dancers with a strong understanding of the fundamentals, the studio puts a strong emphasis on teaching ballet.

“Ballet is the base; you can really do anything if you have a ballet background. That’s why our kids, depending on their age, are required to take a certain amount of ballet, so they can build upon it with other styles,” says Lisa.

Not only is the studio committed to providing its dancers with the essential building blocks, they also bring in only the best when it comes to teachers.

“We’ve really stepped up the program to the point where our goal is not just to have a recital, but to really build dancers,” says Lisa’s husband, Tom. “Now we are at the point where our kids have received close to $750,000 in college scholarships for dance. That’s what this program is really all about, helping our students obtain their goals rather than going after a trophy.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Plumb Performing Arts Center also brings in a host of master choreographers from New York City and Los Angeles to hold workshops with the dancers, ensuring that they are fully exposed to all different kinds of teachers, styles and techniques to become as well-rounded and adaptable as possible.

“Almost every month we have someone here from the outside dance world to teach our students—from professional ballet and jazz dancers to commercial dancers from LA to musical theatre performers—and I think that it is such a valuable part of what we do here at the studio because it really benefits the kids,” says Lisa.

The Journey Ahead

What really makes Plumb Performing Arts Center stand out is their passion for not only helping students grow as dancers, but also for nurturing them as individuals.

“We know that each student’s path is very different, and we really try to find what those paths are for them, then give them all the tools, support and networking we can,” says Lisa.

One of the steps the studio has taken to do this is by building a strong relationship with NYCDA—a prestigious New York City-based dance organization dedicated to teaching dancers the very best of technique and style, and raising college monies for aspiring professional dancers.

Throughout the year, dancers at the studio train together, support each other and work together as a group while they travel and compete in NYCDA competitions, becoming a close-knit family along the way.

“It’s really inspiring to be with the same people year after year and to see your fellow members grow,” says Lisa’s daughter, Jordan, who has been with the studio her entire life. “Its amazing to do something you love with the people you love.”

Love of Dance

At the heart of everything the studio does is a profound dedication to nurturing those dancers who are truly committed to their art; who don’t just want to dance, but have to dance. Those dancers, the ones who are constantly pushing themselves to attain the highest level of their art, are the heart and soul of the studio.

As Jordan says, “It’s about setting your mind to one specific thing; practicing day and night, sacrificing some things, and blocking out the world to really see the vision and path that you want to take.”

Although the vision may be different for every dancer, there is no doubt that everyone at Plumb Performing Arts Center will do everything in their power to make it a reality. That is devotion to art.

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