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Ruze Cake House Bakes Up Delectable Arizona-Inspired Desserts

This southwest baking tale begins two years ago, when Jessica Rose Boutwell and her mother, Joyce Boutwell, were asked to make a cake for a friend’s bridal shower at El Chorro. During the bridal shower, El Chorro’s event sales manager, Lindsey Rendon, sampled the cake and was so impressed that she invited the two women down for a meeting to discuss them opening up their own business. A month later, Ruze Cake House was born, becoming an instant hit at weddings and events throughout the Valley with its delectable cakes and confections. Today, the bakery continues to flourish, with Boutwell serving as creative director and her mother taking charge of the baking side of the business.

Desert Roots

As creative director, Boutwell strives to create simple, clean and natural Arizona-inspired designs for the cakes.

“So many times when you see a wedding cake that uses desert elements, it doesn’t really look so much like a wedding cake as it does a birthday or a themed cake,” says Boutwell. “That’s why when we use southwest elements we always try to keep it sophisticated, so it doesn’t look out of place at a wedding.”

The women are inspired by their breathtaking desert surroundings—golden sunsets that paint the sky orange and red, majestic mountains resting against clear blue skies and miles of open terrain dotted by cacti—and are constantly looking to find new ways of incorporating the environment into their designs.

“I try to make our cakes look like they just grew right out of the ground, so you get that feel that it belongs in the environment,” says Boutwell.

Always pushing the envelope when it comes to desert themes, Boutwell also incorporates southwest elements like prickly pear, edible succulents and elements of gold into her designs.

Taste of the West

It’s not only the surface of Ruze’s cakes that reflect the desert. They also bring out the best of Arizona’s signature flavors, with one of their most popular items being the prickly pear cake.

“Because we use prickly pear, the cake, buttercream and filling all have this beautiful pink hue to them, which looks just gorgeous when the bride and groom cuts into it at their wedding,” says Boutwell.

Other Arizona-inspired confections include their hot chocolate cake, which is made with homemade marshmallow and has a little bit of ancho chili and cayenne for a kick. There’s also their famous macarons, which are filled with a homemade raspberry jalapeno jam and stamped with an array of desert designs.

While Ruze Cake House specializes in a wide range of desserts to accommodate each bride’s specific needs for her wedding, the bakery’s southwest-inspired cakes have proven to be a longstanding favorite.

“It’s just a really cool and unique concept because so many brides have destination weddings out here, so they really like that twist on the Arizona flavor,” says Boutwell.

Fresh from the Land

Not only do the women find inspiration for their desserts in Arizona, they also source their ingredients from local purveyors. Everything from their honey and citrus to their milk and cream all come from Arizona farmers, while things that don’t grow in the state are sourced from organic or sustainable purveyors. And when they can’t find something that they are looking for, they just do it themselves.

“We recently decided to get chickens so we could have extremely fresh eggs, because fresh eggs really do make all the difference, especially when working with things like macarons,” says Boutwell.

As sweet as a southwest sunset, Ruze Cake House continues to create delicious desert-inspired desserts, adding a little extra magic to Valley weddings.