Michael Rusconi's Kitchen Essentials 1

Brought to you by 
Michael Rusconi, executive chef and proprietor of Rusconi’s American Kitchen

    1. Carnaroli Rice: “The best for making risotto, but I also use it for different varieties of Paella.”
    2. Truffles/ White Truffle Oil: “When they would come up the elevator while I was working at Mary Elaine’s at the Phoenician, the whole building would have the aroma of white truffles. I fell in love with truffles that day. One of my all-time favorites is a very simple Porcini mushroom risotto with white truffles from Alba.”
    3. Basil: “Life is better with more basil.”
    4. Short Ribs: “I love this rich entrée in the winter; it just screams of Midwest pot roast.”
    5. Winter Squash: “This includes kabocha, butternut, acorn and pumpkin. I love to pair them with short ribs and Foley Fish’s natural scallops.”
    6. Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomatoes: “On our 110-degree days here, a chilled tomato salad is what I frequently crave. When I used to spend summers in the San Joaquin Valley, my grandfather and I would go and pick some tomatoes from the local farms, and I just got addicted to them.”
    7. Chef’s Knife: “Can’t leave home without it. The most versatile tool in the bag.”
    8. Wolf Range: “My Wolf Range is a tank—four burners, a griddle and a 36-inch convection oven.”