Sensational Smoothies

Wellness Has Never 
Tasted So Good

Daniel Boone is a true entrepreneur. A native Arizonan, he started his career manufacturing artificial silk plants. After seven years, he switched gears and began importing pewter products from Mexico, a business he started out of his garage. Eventually, he and Dominique Neff-Boone grew the business, moved it into a larger space and created a successful pewter home furnishing establishment.

Two years ago Boone switched gears again, finding a way to incorporate his passion for healthy living into a business. He closed the pewter store to devote his efforts into a wellness business. Having been juicing for 26 years, it was only natural for him to blend his passion into a career. Boone loved the idea of doing something he believed in while also helping others reach their fitness goals.

The Turning Point

The seed for a wellness center was planted when Boone saw a photo of his friend, Vince Cline, on Facebook. Not having seen Cline for a long time, Boone couldn’t believe his friend’s drastic transformation, shown in his before and after photos, which had occurred in just three months. Boone was so impressed that he contacted Cline to find out what he did to look so “buff.” That seed eventually bloomed into HB Wellness.

The main focus of the wellness center is its high protein smoothies, which are not only delicious, but are low in fruit sugar, high in fiber and filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals—making them enjoyable as a beverage or a meal replacement.

To kick start your metabolism, it’s best to have a green tea drink— available in peach, lemon, raspberry and passion fruit flavors. The tea is sweetened with mango aloe, a natural sweetener that starts a thermo genetic process which burns 100 calories. It also provides an energy boost, improves nutrient absorption and is filled with antioxidants.

Next, choose your smoothie from 40 plus flavors. These smoothies have less than 250 calories, have 24 grams of protein and are filled with 20 vitamins and minerals. Popular flavors include White Chocolate Reese, Oatmeal Cookie, Coconut Macaroon, Orange Julius and Coffee Ice Cream.

“We give people good nutrition and it triggers weight loss,” says Boone. “You can lose weight by just drinking these smoothies. Unlike other smoothies, they are not loaded with sugar; they are loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals.”

For athletes, the post-workout smoothie contains 33 grams of protein, 3000 grams of L-glutamine for sore muscles and 4000 BCAA (amino acids) for recovery, which work in the body for 24 hours. If you have health concerns, smoothies can be made allergen free for those with dairy and gluten sensitivities.

Welcoming Ambiance

HB Wellness has a very friendly, cheerful atmosphere with its large smoothie bar, small tables, lounge area with couch and love seat and outdoor seating. The staff also takes time to make you feel welcome and answer any questions.

After having the mint chocolate smoothie, I was hooked. It was absolutely delicious, almost sinfully good, like a hot fudge sundae, but without the high sugar which would later make me feel guilty that I ate it.

People who work in the area, athletes, trainers, moms and their children have all become regulars — parents comment it’s a great healthy snack for the kids. I highly recommend you try one and see for yourself. In fact, to start the New Year on a healthy note, Boone is offering one free smoothie and a wellness profile for first time customers during the month of January.

HB Wellness

16801 N. 90th Street, #101

Scottsdale, AZ 85260