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Sue Ciccolini On Changing Your Life Through Better Nutrition

For as long as she can remember, Sue Ciccolini has had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

“I started out as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, and upon relocating to Scottsdale I worked in retail management before starting my family,” Ciccolini says.

About 14 years ago, she began searching for a business that would allow her to work from home and keep her focus on her children.

After hearing about Arbonne, a company founded by Norwegian bio-chemist Petter Morck almost four decades ago, Ciccolini knew she had found exactly what she was looking for.

“When I discovered Arbonne I truly felt that it was the answer to my prayers,” Ciccolini says. “I was very excited because I knew I had found a brilliant business model that would allow me the time with my kids and also the opportunity to grow my own business with no glass ceiling.”

She also believes strongly in the founding principles of botanically-based pure and safe products.

“I loved the idea that Arbonne would be doing all the research and development, manufacturing, stocking of products and delivering because it gave me time to share my passion for wellness, changing the lives of one family at a time.”

Now with a global team for Arbonne, Ciccolini enjoys helping other people improve their health through the botanically-based products. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that she had a health-related epiphany of her own.

Three years ago, Ciccolini began offering a 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge, a program that focuses on five key areas of health: eating clean, increasing nutrient intake, eliminating allergens and addictive foods, balancing blood sugar and supporting elimination organs.

“When I first embraced the 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge, I saw firsthand the impact that it had on my own health and the people I loved,” Ciccolini says.

After being on the program, Ciccolini discovered that she has a sensitivity to both gluten and dairy products.

“Several health issues that I attributed to normal aging were suddenly gone, and I got back my energy. Sometimes we don’t realize how much food is affecting us, but doing the Healthy Living Challenge showed me that I was sensitive to many foods. It truly transformed my thinking and my life.”

Ciccolini’s son also gave the program a try.

“My son learned that his ADD was actually significantly improved when he eliminated certain foods, and he was able to focus again,” she says, adding that a close friend was able to prevent a diabetes diagnosis by learning to control his blood sugar with food.

“Children learn to make healthier choices and this can impact their health and development, their success at school and in sports, and their entire childhood experience. It excites me to help families learn healthy habits that can be passed on for generations, and that is what keeps me sharing this program,” she says.

Another benefit of the 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge is that instead of merely telling people what to eat, it teaches them how to live a healthy lifestyle backed up with solid reasons.

“A lot of people don’t feel empowered to make a change until they know why they are doing it. The Healthy Living Challenge changed my relationship with food because when I realized how it affected me, it empowered me to make better choices,” she says.

Ciccolini knows that some people would like to eat better and improve their health but are concerned that it’s too expensive and time consuming.

“I would recommend that they start with small changes, like lowering their sugar intake and eliminating artificial sweeteners, and eating their body weight in grams of clean protein each day, which will stabilize blood sugar and decrease appetite.”

Adding fiber, reducing processed foods and supporting digestion with pre and probiotics are also easy ways to make a positive impact on health.

“Take small steps. As you begin to feel better your relationship with food will change, so the bad choices that are not serving you will not be as inviting, and you begin to realize how much they are affecting you.”

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