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A Bespoke Boutique Experience at Sherre’s

In 1974, Tom and Sherre Lucas opened Sherre’s in Lincoln Plaza. Over the years, the husband and wife duo have relocated their clothing boutique a few times, expanding it throughout the Scottsdale area and into Tucson.

Mandy Krewson, Tom and Sherre’s middle child, began working at Sherre’s when she was 14. Now a buyer and owner, Krewson says she enjoys being part of a family-owned clothing company with such a long history, as well as helping women find the perfect outfit for all occasions.

“We feature women’s contemporary clothing, and our customers range from high school age all the way up,” Krewson says.

In addition to a wide selection of fashionable tops, pants and more, Krewson says Sherre’s also sells a variety of beautiful accessories, including scarves, handbags and jewelry.

“I work with six or seven local jewelry designers who create beautiful pieces of art. I like to work with them and feature their different pieces, and customers like that most everything is one of a kind,” she says.

Whenever possible, Krewson says, she tries to find clothing vendors in the United States. Right now, the vast majority of apparel sold at the boutique is made in the U.S.

While styles definitely change over time, Krewson says the “casual ruggedy” look of ripped jeans paired with plaid flannel shirts is especially popular right now, as are classic and simple clothes in solid colors, like an emerald green blouse featuring beautiful lines.

No matter what people come in for—from a new outfit or jewelry for themselves to a gift for family members—Krewson says she and everyone else at Sherre’s truly enjoys getting to know their customers.

The family-owned atmosphere also extends to their employees, many of whom have been with Sherre’s for years.

“Our manager has been with us for 14 years, and most of our employees only leave us when they are moving away or retiring. We really have a strong family feeling here,” she says.

To help show their appreciation to their customers, Krewson says Sherre’s holds raffles and giveaways on a regular basis, and rewards their patronage in other ways.

“We give our customers a birthday gift card for $30 on their birthdays, and we also give 10 percent back on their purchase. So if a customer spends $100, she will get $10 back that she can use in the next 30 days,” Krewson says.

While Krewson definitely enjoys spending time with customers and getting to know them, as well as working closely with her family, she also loves putting her passion for fashion to good use.

“I love dressing people and then having them come back later and hearing ‘Oh, that was the perfect outfit for that event,’” Krewson says.

“I want to help people look good, whether they have just lost weight or want to treat themselves to a new outfit. I know that clothes can make you look good, and when you look good, you feel good.”

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