Pet Paradise 2

Pampered pooches and felines will rejoice in Always Unleashed Pet Resort’s four-star stays.

Lucky dogs from all over the East Valley are suddenly not so upset when they find out about their owners leaving town. In fact, they are downright looking forward to it, as that means a stay at Scottsdale’s Always Unleashed Pet Resort.

One of the most unique boarding facilities in the country, Always Unleashed is 100 percent cage-free, which allows for the dogs, who are naturally pack animals, to roam free and interact with others. And roam they can, as the resort boasts a sprawling 9,000 square-foot yard of pest-free/dirt-free artificial turf and includes a 55-foot wide beach-entry swimming lagoon to cool off in. For dogs that are not the aquatic-type, there are still nine sunshades and two-dozen trees located throughout the property, as well as industrial grade misters and fans for them to relax and keep cool under during the heat of the day.

While many pet resorts have a ban on toys, Always Unleashed is stocked with a ton of varieties, all of which are guaranteed to be indestructible for the safety of the animals. The undisputed favorite among them is a ten-foot tug-of-war rope, which incites friendly battles for up to 15 dogs almost every time it is brought out. And if anyone wants to see just how much fun the dogs are having, they can log into one of the resort’s six webcams, which are available to anyone at any time, whether they have a dog staying there or not.

What allows Always Unleashed to be such a fun and safe place for dogs is their dedicated staff, who is committed to maintaining order among the organized chaos. They are present 24/7, and unlike most facilities that have their staff observe from another room, at Always Unleashed they are constantly interacting with the dogs, including jumping into the pool twice a day during the warmer months to offer complimentary surfboard rides to any of the dogs who might be willing.

At Always Unleashed it is not just about fun and games, however. They have a manners program that teaches the dogs to focus on proper behavior as they transition through their day. They get called on one at a time before being allowed to pass through a gate, and before a ball ever flies through the air, they have to quiet down and harness their anticipation.

With a pack of up to 75 dogs roaming the yard at one time, Always Unleashed understands the need to make sure each one is able to join the party without disrupting the harmony of the group. Before any dog can be boarded at the facility, they are required to go through an evaluation process to ensure that they have the proper temperament for Always Unleashed’s cage-less lifestyle.

“We don’t feel that in 15 or 20 minutes we can properly evaluate a dog,” explains Always Unleashed owner Karen Burnett.

Instead, they require the dog to spend a minimum of six hours at the facility and be a part of the daycare program before allowing them to board.

“Throughout the day we do so many activities and are kicking out so many toys, so we need to make sure that we have dogs that are willing to listen to us to make sure that we can maintain order.”

The all-day screening process also allows the staff at Always Unleashed to evaluate each dog as an individual, and they are extremely proud to not be breed restrictive.

“If you see a bully breed playing out there with everyone else, it is because we are confident that the dog is 110 percent awesome,” adds Karen.

Always Unleashed accepts dogs of all sizes as well, and though they all roam together throughout the day, the facility recently unveiled its “Tiny Town”—a new and separate area upstairs geared specifically toward the smaller breeds, which includes a covered grassy porch for both potty and play.

Always Unleashed offers both a doggie daycare option for those who just need a place for their dog to spend the day and a slumber party option for overnight boarding.

For more information on the services offered by Always Unleashed Pet Resort, including rates, photos and links to their live webcam feeds, please visit their website at They can also be contacted directly at 480.767.7046.