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Diva Divine Boutique Has All Your Fashion Essentials

Step through the doors of Diva Divine Boutique and enter a true shopper’s heaven. Find colorful racks lined with chic wares throughout this cozy neighborhood boutique—they carry everything from Brighton Bags and accessories to shirts from brands like Splendid, Michael Stars and Tart. In front, catch a ray of sunlight gleaming off the silver on one of their many Alex and Ani bracelets or signature Pandora charms, and be sure to take some time to admire their display cases filled eclectic, artist-driven jewelry from Uno de 50.

A Family Affair

Founders Greg and Cathy Roth have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, yet they never expected to eventually run a full-fledged fashion boutique.

“At first we were a lotions and potions store,” explains Cathy. “But as we listened to our customers over the years, we gradually started changing and it really evolved into a boutique.”

The transition was made official in 2004, when the store changed its name to Diva Divine, becoming a landmark local shop in North Scottsdale.

Customer Satisfaction

The wooden sign above the boutique’s entryway really says it all: Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends. And that is truly how it is at Diva Divine. Their level of customer service is exceptional, with each team member taking a personal interest in their customers by helping them find the right style, fit or gift.

“We’re like bartenders sometimes,” says Cathy. “While its true that we don’t know your family, you can tell us all about them and we can help pick out what’s right for them.”

“A lot of customers have become our friends to the point where we know their family and they know ours,” adds Greg.

Not only do Greg and Cathy take the time to chat with their customers about their lives, but they always make sure to listen to their style wants and needs, curating their inventory from what they learn.

Eye for Style

Most of the locals that shop at Diva Divine come for fashion advice from Cathy, who has earned a reputation for being able to size people up for the perfect clothing fit.

“Once I see your body and get a vision of what will fit you, I’m going to give you a lot of clothes to try on, but they’re all going to fit, and that’s where the fun begins,” says Cathy.

And it’s a truly wonderful experience having a vast array of clothing that seems custom-curated just for you delivered right to your dressing room door, with the added bonus of Cathy’s expert and honest opinion.

Neighborhood Shop

Another point of pride for Diva Divine is their position as a long-standing, mainstay community boutique.

“We’re a true mom and pop shop. We want to be a part of the community and be in a neighborhood and location where you know us,” says Cathy.

“I really love my job. It’s just that satisfaction everyday that you made someone happy, and that makes us happy.”

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